This means of painting involved the drawing of figures on a dimensional view. Initially, cubic canvases and were mostly done on three dimensions. However, this was not the case as Leger, and other painters devised ways of creating cubic paintings in two dimensions. As the name suggests, the painting is of a woman presented in a cubic style. Notably, the painting is two dimensional, with the woman leaning on a grey background. Her head is made out of a circle with her hair painted in gold. Her body is fairly flattened out, whereas both her neck and skirt adopting the cubic style. Lastly, the artist paints various designs to her limb, thus making the painting cheerful.

As observed, the canvas is fairly simple; however, this is not the case since it takes time to understand. The painting is mostly black with patches of gold on the character's head, arms, and knees. Black in the painting signifies the emotional attribute of women, while the gold patches signify love and dignity. Other sources claim that the patches in the paint portray women as grandeur creatures who are wise and prosperous. The painting has a grey background that makes the piece cool and relaxing in the eyes.

As seen above, Leger is a top-notch artist who understands the cubism style of painting. On top of that, the painter is not only skilled but also has a good understanding of paints. For instance, he opts for a grey background rather than white or any dull colour. As a result, this makes the painting more neutral and balanced.

Art has always been part of humankind, with the earliest practices dating back to 70000 BCE. Back then, art was a ceremonial practice that marked a special day for mankind. Such paintings included sketches of bison, bulls, and stencils of their hands. Nowadays, art has evolved significantly from sketches to paints. On top of that, mankind has developed different painting styles like the neo-classism, the cubic style, among others. Below we are going to have a look at the infamous Creation of the World Costume of Woman by Fernand Leger.